What is included with the system?
ORCA swim training systems come complete and ready to use. Everything you need to start you video analysis is provided. The major components include a Li-Ion battery powered ORCA robot, two submersible high definition color cameras with support arm, 50 meters of snap together guide track and a portable control case that talks to the ORCA and records the wireless video feed.
How fast can the ORCA go?
The ORCA travels above the water level on a low profile interlocking track system located on the pool deck. At top speed, the ORCA can travel the length of a 50 meter pool in less than 25 seconds. It can also accelerate and capture swimmers launching from the starting blocks. The maximum speed is limited to 2.20 meters/sec.
What kind of camera quality can I expect?
The ORCA uses vibration-stabilized, high definition color cameras capable of filming at 1080p and 60 frames per second. The cameras operate in very low light conditions and provide a 10X optical zoom. Both the above and below water cameras are sealed in custom water proof aluminum housings with a depth rating of 33 feet.
What is “Split Screen” recording and why is it needed?
The ORCA swim training system not only uses stable HD cameras but the above and below water camera feeds are automatically combined into a single image on-board the robot in real time. Combining the above and below water shots into a single screen improves stroke analysis and provides valuable feedback to the swimmer. This feature also cuts the video file size in half and allows for higher resolution, faster frame recording in the same recording space. Video files are stored on standard SD cards for convenience and portablility.
What is the range of the wireless video transmitter?
The zero-latency (no delay) transmitter/receiver pair features 800' line-of-sight transmission distance- more than enough for any aquatic center. You can send and receive lossless 5 GHz video signals for reliable recording and never drop a single frame. You can even send the image to multiple locations including digital recorders and large flat screen monitors.
What type of cameras are provided?
The ORCA system includes two ultra-compact digital cameras with unrivaled optical vibration compensation. High image-quality camera module with video outputs compatible with 1080/60 Full HD and other video formats provides a powerful solution for training athletes. Ultimate small size and weight with integrated powerful 10x optical zoom. Both cameras are housed in rugged, watertight aluminum housings.
How much does the ORCA training system weigh?
The ORCA robot weighs about 85 lbs with the 4 hour rechargable battery pack. The system includes a wheeled Pelican storage case. The individual track sections weigh only 11 lbs each - easy for any one to disassemble, move and store.
Can I capture the entire swimmer in the shot?
Yes. The cameras have a wide field of view (up to 59 degrees). We recommend the swimmer train in lane 0 and swim approximately 2 ½ to 3 meters from the wall for best results.
How long do the batteries last?
Both the ORCA robot and the portable control case are powered by lightweight, Li Ion batteries as found in modern electric cars. The robot will run continuously for over 3 ½ hours and the control case will operate for over 7 hours. A fast charger and battery maintainer is included with the package which can fully charge the on-board batteries in under 4 to 5 hours.
How is the guide track constructed?
The guide track is built from high grade PVC extrusions with aluminum bracing. The track sections are approximately 2 meters in length and snap together without any tools. Complete assembly or disassembly of the entire track system takes less than 15 minutes for a 50 meter pool.
Can I move the ORCA to a different pool?
Yes. The ORCA system is completely portable and relatively lightweight. The individual track sections weigh less than 12 lbs. The ORCA robot comes with a wheeled Pelican storage case that simplifies transport and storage
How much does the ORCA system cost?
Since each system is customized to your requirements, please call or e-mail for further information and a no cost price quote.
Can I rent an ORCA system for my swimming event?
Yes. Please call or e-mail for additional information on our rental or leasing programs.
What is the ORCA Stingray product?
“The Swim Tracker uses a wirelessly controlled motorized robot to follow the swimmer - the StingRay system is manually pulled by the pool staff. The Stingray has many of the same high end features as the Swim Tracker including dual cameras, wireless video transmission and split screen recording but a lower system cost. Perfect for clubs and schools on a limited budget.”